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.: W e l c o m E :.

- Welcome to our space, this is the site where you can find and download for free network tools, we are a group of people from various parts of the world, who like to experiment with computers. We hope that we can provide some help back to the public and support the ongoing process of learning.

.: D i s c l a i m e R :.

- All the TOOLS that you can find here are only for educational purposes and must only be used on your own computers or on computers where the owner has expressly given his approval. It is provided as is without any express or implied warranty in no event will the Hs32-Idir be held liable or responsible for any illegal actions or damage arising from the use of them. Use them at your own risk, you are the only reponsible if you do anything illegal or damage. If you are not with this terms, please close this Page and Leave from here.

.: H a s h S e c t i o n :.

- MD5 Hash section is a free online hash resolving service incorporating many unparalleled techniques. It is obvious that legacy methods of hash cracking are both time consuming and wasteful of resources... Typically, not a hacking site and assumes all submitted hashes are for testing purposes only and are obtained in a legal way. So we are happy to help computer users recover their own forgotten passwords, however this does not extend to recovery of passwords belonging to a third party. Please ensure all submitted hashes are legally obtained and you have permission to recover the plain text before uploading them to our Database.

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