.: A bout Project :.

  • This is an advanced remote administrator tool you can control other computers from your own computer in Admin mode, it works behind firewalls and routers based in the injection methodology (Uncknown technique), allowing it to access the internet as a trusted application. Including SIN notification you will just write your own IP or DNS/Host for more information (a help file will be attached). just execute the first part of the software (Who have interface) in your local computer, it listen to incoming connections from the target PC, Have Fun.
  • This is the developement of release made since 2006, after about 2 or 3 years ago for no activities Hs32-Idir is back to the scene with the new Windows Remote administrator tool, the main target when i restarted developing this tool has been ( Stability & fastness ) and also adding new techniques allows to bypass most software firewalls and connecting behind networks and routers.
  • .: A ttention :.

  • You need to do some configrations to use it: Firstly, you need to forward those Ports (the port list will be discuss). on your router. if you dont know how to forword so viste [ http://www.portforward.com ] If you don't have static ip address,your IP address will change every time you connect to the internet.So your server won't be able to reach you. To prevent loosing servers because of Dynamic IP Address System,you need to create an account from [ No-ip or DynDNS ] services.
  • .: A dvantages :.

  • Work behind firwalls/retours, and the bypass technologie was combined.
  • Based on an Uncknown injection technology.
  • Fud for 50% or maybe up.
  • Multi threaded application.
  • Multi User about 250 users controlled at the same time.
  • Fast (Notification/Download ... etc) , Small , Good.
  • I add your informations (user name/email ... etc) in about form.
  • Help file have been added.
  • - Also the most important things are :
  • [ Compressing transfered data ]
  • [ Encrypting some important transfered data ]
  • [ Socks 4 proxy connection for some anonymity ]
  • [ Removing (user/kernel) hooks was developed ]
  • [ Filtering a received packets for the keylogger ]
  • [ Small Server included all featurs, no second party !]
  • [ Agressive mode added ]
  • [ Cool and unique interface that give for trojan his reality not like a simple remote admin tool ]
  • payment will be discuss..
  • .: F eatures :.

    -| Client |-

  • Connecting multiple ports and the client can verify the password for each incoming connection, configurable ( enable or disable ).
  • Interface language selection, the Trojan can be translated into other languages.
  • Notification when new user is online ( with 2 mode), configurable ( enable or disable ).
              - Advanced : display the notification as a form with the connection information.
              - Normal : displays a balloon with connection information.
  • Viewing the status of local activities with color and time.
  • IP forbid, you can easily ban any user with one click and also authorize it.
  • no-IP updater, you do not need to download no-ip DUC.
  • Sharing, you can share your user list with other users of this Trojan and you can limite access right.
  • Plug-in Manager, now you can make your own plug-in and use it with this Trojan ( not stable ).
  • Uninstall / Close / Restart connection in one click.
  • Minimize form size ( double click on the title bar ) or minimize to tray.
  • [ File Manager ]
              You can make multiple transfers ( download / uplaod ).
              Transfers also supporting resume.
              The status of the transfer will be displayed with details (the progress, remaining time, etc ...)
              File Deletion.
              To execute file ( double click on the desired file to be executed ).
              Rename the file ( click on the file with the left mouse button ).
              Open the download folder.
              Compression of downloads will not work on this version.
              File search engine.
  • [ Process Manager ]
              Get the list of processes.
              kill process.
              Showing processes dlls.
  • General information, show some system information and also Trojan information ( installation ..etc )
  • Fun, a lazy function for fun with the victim.
  • [ Remote Desktop ]
              Make a single capture.
              Desktop Remote controller.
                 - Controlling the mouse / keyboard.
              Save captured images as bitmap.
                 - Set a unique name for each saved image.
              Save streaming as video [ .AVI ]
                 - Set a unique name for the video.
                 - Configuration for video displays how many frames per second.
              Disable desktop wallpaper during capture.
              You can include or exclude the cursor.
              You can change bitmap bits [ 1..4..8..16..24..32 ].
              Set sleep interval between captures.
              Resize the local capture window.
              Resize remote capture ( to reduce the data size ).
              View the status of the streaming and display the size of the current capture.
  • [ Remote WebCam ]
              Get a list of webcams installed.
              Make a single capture.
              Save as bitmaps.
                 - Set a unique name for each saved image.
              Save as video.
                 - Set a unique name for the video.
                 - Configuration for video displays how many frames per second.
              You can change bitmap bits [ 1..4..8..16..24..32 ].
              View the status of the streaming and display the size of the current capture.
  • [ Remote Keylogger ]
              Online Keylogger.
                 - You can export and save the list.
              Offline keylogger.
                 - Changing the size of the log that will be recorded.
                 - Obtaining the list of saved logs.
                 - Download or delete desired log.
                 - Viewing the status downloading log file.
  • Remote command line.
  • Remote voice recorder.
  • Desktop thumbnails viewer.
  • Server Editor includ in the client to make your own Trojan horse.

    -| Server |-

  • Connect to multiple servers ( client ), ( limited to 5 ), you can configure each user if connecting through the proxy ( socks4 ) or not.
  • If the Trojan can't reach and connect through the proxy it will connect directly to your DNS ( configurable, if you want the Trojan will only connect from the proxy ).
  • Installations ( configurable ).
  • Change file attributes / creation date.
  • Inject process.
  • Hide process.
  • Remove hooks user/kernel.
  • Protection by password, protecting your Trojan with password.
  • Change stub icon
  • .: C ontact :.