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2021-05-21 | Website Under Reparation #/Modification DataBase and re-secure, be back soon, sorry ! | Hs32-Idir
2021-05-05 | Hello everyone finally the website is compatible on browsers Android Phones, regards ! | Kahina
2021-05-04 | Hello, we are on ONION service, join us at : http://5fyxlcaxtgluvywydfoy6uun5kn5eflbwk4japkqdzanny3usi47yuad.onion | Hs32-Idir
2021-04-10 | Hi every one who visits our website, we inform you that we made some Modifications in the site and also we added some stuff to the download as well as Video tutorials. | Aïssa
2021-03-25 | Hello Visitor's, a NEW Remote administrator tool Delphi open source available in the download section. | Aïssa
2021-03-20 | WebSite Up and runing. | Hs32-Idir
2019-12-18 | Hello everyone, we just want to redirect you to the download section, because it is refreshed with news on the MODULE tab, thankS | Hs32-Idir
2019-12-15 | We have Cracked the last hash | Kahina
2019-12-14 | Welcome back to the hs32-idir project, this website is under construction, we are back to give to you peoples more knowledge, thank you for your support, regards ! | Hs32-Idir